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Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting Ready !

I've been lining up all of my little
(and one big whopper!!)
for tomorrow's selling blog update...
I have a couple more to make today, so I will have a nice variety to offer you!
I'm on a vegetable kick!
...not only have I been eating more raw veggies,
I've been needlepunching them too,
as you can see by the tiny strawberry,
turnip and carrot above...
I'll be finishing the tomato,
... then start on the little cabbage-head!
such fun!!

I have one-half of the shop's garden weeded.
I have the other half to go, then I guess I'll start all over again!
my Asiatic Lillies are gonna be huge this year,
and my Lamb's Ear has gotton out of control...
did you know, that during the Civil War, wounded soldiers would use
the leaves of the Lamb's Ear plant for what we would use gauze for?
(stopping blood, protecting the wound, etc...)
it is a very soothing herb, and they didn't have much else to use...
I like to dry my Lamb's Ear flowers! they last for a long time!

Hoping your day is filled with creative energy, sunshine & all that you love!
Blessings from the Farm,


Jeanne said...

Oh I can't wait !! I've already picked out what I want !!! :)

Gail said...

Spider webs also work for stopping bleeding.

Luck with your sale.

basketsnprims said...

love your makedos. That is such an interesting thing about lamb's ear, thanks for sharing. i posted a couple of projects from your patterns today, though they aren't framed or into complete projects. I so enjoyed stitching Plante Ye Seeds. Keep those awesome patterns coming, my friend.

Christine LeFever said...

Thank you for sharing that marvelous information about lamb's ears. I understand from the comment left by Gail that spider webs work too, but I have to say that I would indeed prefer the lamb's ears, although I'm sure a bleeding owy would take whatever is available.

Your garden has to be perfectly charming and inviting, I'm sure!

All of your creations are wonderful!


Doreen said...

Your make do's look lovely!

I had no idea you could dry Lambs ear..I have some coming up in my garden right now...I put it in last year and I didn't think it was going to make it but it's spouting up like crazy..hopefully it will survive this cold snap we are having.


Lori Ann C. said...

Well . . . I must check in tomorrow!!
They are wonderful!

By the way . . . when are you bringing me those eggs?
tee hee.

Lori Ann

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Fantastic make-dos! Can't wait to see everything today!

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