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Monday, December 21, 2009

{ 15 years ago }

our daughter Hannah turned 15 last evening...
(December 20th)
where has the time gone?
15 years ago,
Peter & I were Christmas shopping as I went into labor...
we called the Dr. and he said to continue our day,
as I wasn't ready
...so we did...
we laughed everytime a cashier would ask us:
"how are you today?"
my reply:
"I'm in Labor"
Peter's response:
"...she's not kidding."
15 years ago,
I was magically transformed at 10:00 pm into a Mother...
and I watched my husband fall hopelessly
& forever in Love with his brand new baby girl.
15 years ago,
we brought her home,
dressed her in an elf outfit and placed her under our Christmas tree...
our gift to one another.

15 years ago,
I couldn't have imagined the joy that Hannah brings us everyday:
with her smile, her sense of humor, her clutz-y-ness, her talent for making friends,
and for how she continues to remind me how lucky I am to have her.
{even on the days when she's downright mean-as-a-snake!}
but hey, a teenager has to do what a teenager has to do...
...and she is by far her very own person.
last night I baked chocolate cupcakes
with chocolate frosting for her,
and gifted her with a pair of "footie Pajamas"
...yes, they do make them for adults
{Target stores}
she's adorable in them...
just like she was

15 years ago...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart,
Love forever,
Mom & Dad


Catherine said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!! Hope your Birthday was as special as your mom's love for you!

janeu729 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HANNAH!! How cool that you were born on/so near the winter Solstice. You were the light coming back to the world for your Mom and Dad.


I know you cherish every day with Hannah....the days, months, years go so fast - you make lots of memories together. Have a wonderful Christmas with all your family, two legged and four!!

JOLENE said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your dear Hannah. I was born on Dec. 23rd and I have never really loved my birthday. Now that I am older (almost 40) I am hoping that I can now start enjoying my winter birthday, even though it is so close to Christmas. Both of my parents are deceased and reading your post you dedicated to your daughter brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for helping me realize how special I was to my parents and family one day long ago. Thank you for touching my heart. Have a Merry Christmas Lori.

Mystiana said...

Happy Belated Birthday Hannah Banana! I remember that first Christmas with her, in Shelton. Cute as a button then, and she still is!

Joy said...


Love from Connecticut

Joy and Nicole

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