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Friday, October 16, 2009

HUGE NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after MUCH contemplation and brain-bending thought...
that's right Folks...
if you have any of my:

Just Plain Folk
Summertyme Stitcheries
Springtyme Stitcheries
A Garden Remembered
October Folk
Harvest Tyme Stitcheries
Wynter Tyme
Wytches Stytches
Halloween Stitches
Primitiev Needle Punch Primer
Christmas Tyme
Stitches in Tyme...
because I will no longer be offering them!!
(which means, if you're a shop, and you try to place a wholesale order for them from me or my distributors, your order won't be filled....however, my distributors MAY have back-stock, and you could try & see what they have left...but after they're gone, they're GONE for GOOD !!)
I do reserve the right however, since they are my copyright (C) designs, to bring them out of retirement in the future...

Since getting a new Laser Printer a couple of months ago, I have been plagued with stress over the fact that It will not print out my booklets like my old printer did...so I have come to the conclusion that I will have to reformat any new booklets in the future, and what better way to purge out the old and help boost creativity for the new, than to start fresh?
Since thinking about this for a while, I have begun to really try to freshen up the look of my logo (the clasped hands above will be it....for a while...um...for now LOL!)
and all of my new patterns will have this look/logo...
I'm focusing on True-Blue, Good Old Primitive Designs that will carry their way through the years...no more fads & gimmicks, absolutely NO 'cutesy' stuff ...blech.
just Traditional, Early-looking designs to help you create wonderful new Needlework for your warm, primitive home....
in doing so, I will be able to gather my thoughts more...
with my mind being less-cluttered with things from the past.
{ AHHHhhh...I feel better already! }
so, let me know what you think folks...& please be nice? LOL
ALL of my patterns for Cross Stitch and Needle Punch

Blessed be,


Patti said...

Be true to yourself and you will always be content! :) And "true blue primitive" is my favorite. I better double check that I have all the booklets that I've been wanting ~ Thanks for the heads-up!

Blessings, Patti

ohiofarmgirl said...

I just purchased Tom Turkey and I am glad that I did...I love him. Hope it works out for you. Dianntha

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Wonderful news, I'm very happy for you! Best wishes on your new thoughts and ideas.. Looking forwar to seeing what you come up with!

Katrina said...

I have just started collecting your designs so I am disappointed. Sadly when a designer retires her pieces what ends up happening is people sell them for ridiculous amounts of money on Ebay. You don't benefit from that and it's a shame for the ladies who want to stitch your pieces but can't afford to, JMHO. That said, they are of course yours to do as you please.

Katrina said...

And now I see the comment about the cross stitch and punchneedle designs :-). My main concern :-). But still, whenever something goes OOP it can get a bit crazy.

Anonymous said...

Hiya dear Lori..

De-cluttering is always wonderful for the soul.. and I love your new logo.. hand of friendship.. so simple, so meaningful..
Oh yeah, and True-Blue sounds sooo Aussie.. LOL..

Blessings xx Tea, Primitive Thymes

Gail said...

The beauty of a plan is its simplicity.

sandi said...

Oh, Lori, you sound so relaxed already!! Cannot wait to see the new traditional, early looking, true-blue good old primitives - woo hoo!! sandi in texas

Elaine (nannoof4) said...

love your room. so organized. I love working with felt of all kinds, even recycled wool sweaters but my favorite has to be needle felting.

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