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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

HEE-HAAAAW !!!!!!!

Please let me introduce you to~
Pinnochio and Daisy!!!

...the newest members of the
Notforgotten Farm family ~
This is Pinnochio...what a handsome boy!

He's just an old softy & Peter adores him!!

Tiny little Daisy plays follow the leader...

Hey...wait for me!
Pinnochio (or as we call him, "Nocchi")
is a 7 year old Standard Brown donkey...
he was bottle-fed and is broken and gelded...
I can't wait to hook him up to a cart & go for a clip-clop ride!!
He is as gentle as a kitten and loves his top-knot scratched...
I brushed him this morning and Pete has removed a ton of burrs from his tail & mane...
I think he likes it here with us and all of the attention he's getting!

Daisy is just about 3 months old and was more-or-less a rescue...
she is underfed, a little skittish and needs lots of TLC,
which she will surely be getting here!
I'm bottle feeding her 5x a day and hand feeding her sweet feed and hay...
her mom and dad were brother & sister so there's some in-breeding,
but she shows no signs of
anything worse than a little over-bite
and that she needs some good nutrition and lots of love!
When we brought them home yesterday,
Buddy & Lazy (our dogs) went berserk...
Lazy tried to chew his way through the wire fence
to get a closer look at what I think THEY think
are the strangest looking deer they've ever seen...
and Buddy,
(all 200+ pounds of him)
hid behind one of the walnut trees...
waiting for the "coast-is-clear" sign from Lazy...
all of a sudden, Nocchi let out thee loudest bray I've ever heard!
the sheep ran in one direction, and the dogs in another...
Buddy and Lazy stood dumfounded
and then little Daisy decided to add her two cents
with a little squeaky 'hee-haw-heeee-haw' sound!
(my oh my...mornings will never bee the same around this farm again.)
So that's what I've been up to these past couple of days...
aside from trying my best to feel better...
(I think the kidney stones are making a come-back. blech.)
to all of you that have emailed me
with your orders for the new Christmas patterns,
they will be mailed out for you this week...
for those of you that want to purchase from ebay & etsy,
they will be listed in just a little while.
Okeedokee then, I'm off to the barn (again)
I can't stay away from my new friends!!!
Blessed be~


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE the new additions to your family. They are darling! You will have so much fun with them.

I hope you feel better - kidney stones - OH NO!

Honorablyfallen said...

omg! How cool are they! that's sooo neat that you have them ! I'm only getting a new puppy in January.

Tracey said...

What sweeties!! I bet they are a load of fun!

Kristen said...

Awww, sweet! Thanks for sharing pictures of your new fuzzy friends.


~Judy~ said...

Lori, they are adorable!! My in-laws are Greek and live in Greece. She does the funniest donkey imitation you ever heard. They are donkeys all over the villages.
Enjoy them!


Catherine G. said...

How wonderful and cute! You are so lucky to live on a farm!!

Hope you are feeling better!

William Bezek said...

What a sweet Donkey Boy! Love the name too, I get the joke!

Nancy said...

Such precious and beautiful animals! Glad they have such a loving home.

Cinlyn said...

Haha!! A few years back, a neighbors donkey made his way thru the fence...after a few attempts to get him back to the other side, we gave up. He doesn't know this isn't home cause he kept making his way back...unfortunately, now after all this time, the neighbors are talking of taking him home, only to one of their pastures that doesn't join ours. He is SO sweet...when I go out to grain, he will come up and pull on my coat tail to make sure he gets some grain and OH can he bray!! When he brays & we have company that's never heard anything as such!!Too funny the expressions on their faces! LOL
Hope you get to feelin' better & they're not as bad as they were the last time!

Gail said...

The baby is adorable.

Hope you feel better soon.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

So sweet. What a great addition. Hope you share a picture sometime of him all hooked up to the cart giving you a ride. Love it!

April Mechelle said...

Oh.. Oh... I love them already !!! They are cute as can be... I wish I had plenty of arces to have some animals.. We only have 4 arces.. I want chickens, ducks, donkeys,sheep,1 or 2 cows,Oh.. and don't forget the sheep !!! See why I need more land... LOL Oh I forgot rabbits, and catfish in a pond !!! LOL How do you don't it all?? Design, farmlife and run your home... I envy you!!!

Cathy said...

Ahhh, adorable! Donkey's are the best aren't they! We have one 2 yr old ginny that Santa brought our 10yro last Christmas and this weekend we are supposed to be adding a 20 year old rescue ginny to our family. Congrats on the new additions!

Cathy ♥

Joshua said...

I love, love, love your new babies! They are perfect! There is nothing like a hee haw to get your morning going.... Hope you feel better soon! xoxox Josh

janeu729 said...

Oh, Lori! Can we be Auntie and Uncle to the new babies? We'll be by to visit soon. What kind of goodies do they like? I can just imagine poor Buddy shakin' in his big boots! Lazy is THE MAN!
Hope you'll be feeling better.

Lori said...

Jane ~ they LOVE carrots!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh, I love your new residents! Ok, I have a rule that I have to FOLLOW every farm blog who has donkeys. If you visit our blog, you'll see why :) Blessings to you and your new critters.. they are just precious. -Tammy

Cinlyn said...

Carrots and "our" donk (the mules & horses too)loves apple chunks!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Lori ~ I just love your two new 'family' members!!! That little baby will be so cute when she fills out ~ such a good mama ~ 5 times a day!!! You'll be busy!!

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