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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where Am I ???

I've been holed-up in my studio for the past couple of days, stitching, staining, painting frames and working generally, non-stop...

I'll be doing this for weeks to come, and it's ok!!
I enjoy my creative spurts...look forward to them even.

it's the times that I'm in a creative funk that I can't stand...
those times are spent incessantly cleaning and rearranging everything:
house, furniture, rooms, curtains, rugs...If I could move the toilet & the tub, I would.

You never know where the couch will end up after one of my rearraning binges, so please look before you sit!
How many of you out there in blog-land do that too?
I must admit to doing that at least twice a year, sometimes more..
thank the stars that my creativity has been fueled as of late with
awesome ideas and dreams...
items that will be available soon on ebay, Spookytimejingles.com (August 13th),
at my Primitive Gathering here on September 19th, and of course,
at the GhoultideGathering.com show in October.
and, since I'm working on Halloween things,
that just makes me yearn for crisp weather, sweaters and boots...
I want to get out all of my Fall decorating items...I have so many things!
but, I think I'll wait just a little longer...(maybe a week).
So much for "Spring Fever"...
what I have is
Autumn Madness!!!!
Hoping your weekend is a productive one,
doing what you love to do most!!
Blessed be, Friends~


William Bezek said...

I know exactly what you are talking about, my studio is currently a riot of Fall art work. There are skeletons, witches, pumpkins, and ghouls everywhere you look. It doesn't seem right when friends call up and say "hey lets go to the beach". Happy studio time Lori, and stay away from the furniture!

Donna said...

Oh I know what you mean. I get in such a mood that I have to move everything. And I become obsessed about it before just looking and seeing what I can move and put this there and that. I must get uncluttered so everything goes that does not have meaning. And thats when I don;t want to do any stitching. I can only focus on moving furniture.Glad I'm not the only one. Good luck

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Lori, I know just what you speak. I haven't rearranged furniture in quite sometime b/c I'm limited on space in this house, BUT I have been prone to that wacky behavior in the past. I love change. I think it's a necessity to living.

Cinlyn said...

You are not alone my friend! I'm right there with ya!
I just got back home from being out with John in the truck...was catchin' up on your blog and got a laugh out of your trip to the eye dr! I can laugh .... I just went thru the same thing myself! LOL...I've worn glasses since the
4th grade & I've just gone to the progressive bifocal lenses...still don't know that it's helped! ugh!!

beeinstitches said...

Please stay in your studio and stop moving furniture around. I remember asking my mother when she turned 65 what piece of advice, looking back, could she give me. Her one response was - "Don't move furniture around all the time like I did. You will feel it when you get to your 60's." Cleaning is always good though!

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