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Monday, August 24, 2009

Cooler and lovin' it!

the weather has broken a bit...

the humidity isn't as high as it's been, so that makes it feel a little cooler.

Today was the first day in forever that I've been able to open up the windows in the farmhouse...aaaahhh the fresh country air!
it smells so sweet!

(especially since Peter's been cutting the Hay field, getting ready for the show here in Sept.)

Pete's dad has been here for about week, helping him put in a new water softener in the farmhouse, AND
they finally finished the OUTHOUSE!

(i really didn't want to take a picture of them in there, but they insisted...
and yeah, that's hubby on the john...just posin' though!!!)

an outhouse with a flushing toilet and running water...

LOVE IT!!!!!
(Peter added the flowers...nice touch!)

I'm on the hunt now for old 'stuff' to decorate it with...
looking for old newspapers to cover the inside walls with
(a little 'reading material')

We've got TONS of work to do before the show
(which is less than a month away now! EEEP!)

the grounds are covered with weeds...been too hot to work out there...
then it rains and is too muggy, wet, bugs...
oh alright.
I just don't like to weed, ok?
(they have feelings to ya know!!!)

anyhoo, now that it's getting a little cooler,
I'll have to start on that...in the meantime,
I'll continue to stitch, punch, paint, sculpt and draw
all kinds of new halloween goodies for the show!
(btw, take a look at my HALLOWEEN BLOG)

Off to the farmhouse to make BLT sandwiches...
have some AWESOME tomoatoes from the garden and a loaf of fresh bread...
add me a nice icy glass of buttermilk
& I'm in Country Heaven!

Blessed be Friends!


William Bezek said...

What a charming outhouse! I was tempted to say what a charming sh***er...but I didn't want you to think I was talking about your husband on the toilet. Ha Ha!

Cathy B said...

What a great outhouse! Gotta love BLTs; if that doesn't say SUMMER, then I don't know what does!

Patti said...

That is the sweetest outhouse that I have ever seen! My kind of "roughing it ;) Wish I could come to your show ~ I'm sure that it will be heavenly ~ and that the weeds would only add to the ambience... (weeds or wildflowers ~ who's to say?!)
Blessings, Patti

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Those pioneer women would have loved your outhouse. Heehee

Julie's Keepsakes said...

I love William's comment. Hahaha

Primitive House said...

Hi Lori.....love your blog and was wondering IF you would like to exchange links? I also have a web page too! Stop by sometime and say HI....would love to have you!!

Many Blessings.........
Lori :O)

Missy Ann said...

I love that picture!

And it should be vintage catalog pages from Sears. My Aunt Margie (coolest woman EVAR) told me how it's what they used, great for reading and second to none for wiping. And when it ran out there was always the corn cobs.

You can do a Google image search for vintage Sears catalog and you can download and print them off for papering.

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Oh, Lori!...I love the outhouse!!!...I can't wait to see it when you get it all decorated!!...~~hugs,Jen

Kathy (woolfind) said...

The outhouse is awesome! Hope you find just the right reading material..

Cinlyn said...

Love the outhouse! How fitting it would be to use the old sears catalog out there in some way!
Sure wish I could make your show...I know it will be AWESOME!

Lori said...

YESSS!!!! the Sears catalog!! wowzers, I forgot all about that!!!

THANK YOU Missy Ann for posting your comment! I will be googling away!!! yipppeeeeee!!!

and Will, you can say sh*tter aLL YA WANT! ~
Blessed be!

janeu729 said...

Your outhouse looks great ! Peter is a wonder!!
There's nothing quite like Nelson county tomatoes. If we could keep them going all year, the world would be a better place.

Constance said...

I just love the out house!! We had a real one when I was little and I must say it wasn't very inviting. How wonderful to have one that works and still have that wonderful primitive homestead appeal!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the outhouse. I've been looking for one to use as a potty shed. My old corn crib is about to topple over, so I'm in need of a storage spot for my pots and garden stuff. Actually, a working one would come in handy at times when you're in the back forty and the trip to the house seems soooooo long.

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