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Sunday, August 2, 2009

a 'not so hostile' take-over....

my gardens don't pretend to be perfect.
their little rows never line up,
and I don't mind when the begonias pop up
in the patch of ox-eyed susans...
or I find a stray and lone echinacea in the midst of my sweet annie...

I never scold them or grumble about weeds
(much to my husband's dismay, since he built the rasied boxes).

I even like the 'volunteers' when the choose to visit me once again from the year before.
hence, these sweet,
velvet blue
Morning Glories...

a tiny version, much smaller in flower size than my
'regular' Morning Glories, but tenacious still...
they've fastened themselves to the front porch of the shop,
where I'm greeted daily by a cheerful little
waving of leaves & petals...
letting me know that, yes indeedy,
'we're still here!'
no problem...

grow little weed flowers.
show the world what you've got!
sometimes the prettiest flowers in the garden,
begin from a not-so-pretty seed...
wishing you all a peaceful Sunday!
Blessed be,


Jennifer said...

Love your blog!
I have ivy that took over a pot too. Its neat though. The only thing I worry about is all the creatures that may be hiding in it :0


Joshua said...

~~~hey sweet friend~~~

Love the Morning Glories...I grew some on a trellis one year and the next year they took over the whole backyard. I just loved seeing all the flowers!



William Bezek said...

I like your relaxed gardening style...those perfect little rows make me quite nervous.

CARole said...

Hi Lori, it's been way to long since I have visited. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your post this morning. Poor little weed flowers, I'm glad you gave them a chance. They're flowers too.
Happy day

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