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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My SINCERE Thanks!!!!

My Heart is FULL knowing I have such Friends on the internet.
I want to thank all of you for your comments
and for your opinions on the previous post's subject...
it was not written to slander Waxing Moon specifically...but to hopefully try to deter yet another person from perhaps thinking that it is 'ok' to do.
it's just not.
so mote it be.
I also want to publicly thank Jacquelyn from Waxing Moon,
for emailing me with the most sincere, professional and heartwarming apology ever.

thank you for contacting me and letting me know that you are a true Human.
By that, I mean, that we all make mistakes, and will always do so, and we, as intelligent Humans have the capacity
to realize our mistakes and feel regret or remorse...
and most importantly,
try to correct the mistake in a respectful manner.
you did just that by contacting me, & I commend you for that.
I wish you nothing but happiness & success in your business
and all of your paths.
With MUCH Sincerity,
that's what we're supposed to do folks...
fix our mistakes.
nothing wrong with addressing an uncomfortable situation, but do so tactfully...
the outcome may just surprise you!!!!
my sincerest thanks again to everyone!!!!



catgerenser said...

Good for you for speaking out. Everyone needs to vent when they are vexed and it seems like they were very understanding of your position.

So out of curiousity,what happens now? Did they pull their pattern or is it still out there?

Lori said...

she told me that she will be reworking the pattern, and was kind enough to ask me if I would like to see it once it has been changed...truly a nice gesture.
She also said that she would be pulling the chart and not release it as it is...

thanks for your comment!!
Blessed be~

Nancy said...

I'm so glad to read that this problem has been solved. Situations like this can hurt the mood of the stitcher as well as the designer. Of course creativity is at the top when you choose a particular design, but the fact that you both handled this in such a professional manner is very important too!

Lori said...

thank you nancy!

The Evening Stitcher said...

Glad you took the matter to hand, Lori. It's best to work these things out directly. Isn't wonderful to see you have so many loyal followers who support and admire your hard work? Good job and I am so happy that it all worked out for you! And don't ever let one small setback steal your joy and ambition!


Jennifer said...

I'm glad it's working out for you.
But I still would have been asking her how this happened anyway so she won't do this to somebody else one day. But, everyone is different.

Lori said...

thanks Bobbie,
you have no idea how blessed i am with friends...if i could hug each one of you I would!!

thanks Jennifer,
I think she realizes and that, & for me, that is enough for now...thank you for your input, it is truly valued!!
Blessed be, Lori

Susan said...

I'm glad all has worked out between the two of you and handled like the ladies that you are with no fists flying or words shouted. Notice I did not say they weren't muttered to yourself. HAPPY DAYS! Keep up the great design work. We do love it.

Anonymous said...

Well I say good going for you Lori and the other gal. I have a lot more respect for her now and would even buy from her in the future. She righted the wrong and I respect that, so happy days are here again, have fun girls creating :) Both of you!

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