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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I just can't seem to focus....

MY EYES !!!!
ok...I'm admitting it.
My eyes just aren't what they used to be.
I am squinting, closing one eye,
making terrible faces just to read the ceral boxes in the morning,
and playing guessing games with the roadsigns...
I can't see upclose, and I can't see far-away.
I have pairs and pairs of what I like to call
you know, those funky, psychedelic little glasses that you can buy from
the stitching department at Michael's Arts and Crafts for 5 bucks a pair?
( I KNOW you own a pair....fess up.)
I keep a pair in my purse, a pair next to my bed, a pair in my sewing basket
(ok, in EACH of my sewing baskets)
the car, the bathroom, the kitchen...

I stash them in coat pockets and re-discover them when the weather turns cold again,
("oh look"!!!, I'll say...like their brand-new again!)
and find them in out-of-service purses high on the closet shelves.

Do I need Eyeglasses Anonymous?
so today, fine Friends~
at 2:45
I will be visiting my local Optician.
He's already informed be to bring my
'cheaters' with me...
(what, is he kidding? all 394 pairs??)
ok Doc, you got it....let me start packing...
these are just the 'cheaters' I keep in the car!!!

I'm not happy with the fact that he'll put those drops in my eyes to dialate them.
I know that he has to, so he can reeealy check in there to see what's wrong,
but I just don't like not seeing at all...and those drops make it worse.

I'll be sure to stay put in his waiting room until it wears off!!!
Nobody needs an almost blind-to-begin-with woman
with Doctor induced 'blurred vision' and humongous pupils
trying to drive her van around the Food Lion parking lot!!
(I'll look like a crazed stalker or something!)
not that I'll be able to see myself....

I'm hoping that I'll be a candidate for some sort of new
Lasik Surgery or something...
I don't want contacts either...
they make me claustrophobic!
well, wish me well...
I'll ...um...
"see" ya later...

Blessed be!


~Judy~ said...

Good luck! I know just what you mean about all the glasses everywhere! I need to get myself to the eye doctor too. You know you need help when you're still squinting with the glasses ON!

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Hi Lori, sounds like it's your turn! You'll be ever so glad when you get your eyes squared away, give yourself time to adjust. Went thru it last month. If you decide to go w/Lasik, you'll likely still need readers, sigh...

It's been said *It's too bad youth is wasted on the young*:)

Sweet Stitchin...

ctlogcabin said...

Best of Luck !! Oh for the days of just cheaters...lol I get mine at the dollar store, one buck and so darn cute. After my eye exam I now have a prescription pair for night driving,& watching TV. A pair of prescription sun glasses
for day time driving...and a pair of prescription reading glasses which I leave at the computer. All of them cost big bucks...and most of the day I walk around with no glasses at all. I still have cheaters everywhere....in the kitchen, in the car, in the bedrooms. Guess it was good to have my eyes checked but for me it just added to the amount of glasses I own. :)
Hugs ~ Connie xox

Riverwood Primitives said...

Good luck Lori! Been there.

Pots 'n Prims said...

Best wishes Lori!! I don't have cheaters, but have a real pair...which I spend more time trying to find where I put them than actually wearing them!
LOVE the orange & black cheater pair, too, BTW! :)

farmgirl beth said...

Oh, how I hope for you that there is an easy "fix". I'm going on 30 years of glasses/contacts, and I'm not quite 35 years old. I would give just about anything to have my eyes work, but I am just about as blind as you can get- nothing off the rack will help these eyeballs of mine, and with astigmatism on top of it, lasers aren't guaranteed to help.

So, I sortof feel your pain, and have had those wonder drops put in my eyes more times than I care to remember. Bleck.

Apryl said...

I'm not at the point of needing 'cheaters' yet, but do find I need a magnifying lamp when I stitch on higher counts these days! I'm just starting Christmas Cat! hoping to finish by Christmas :-) Love your blog!

By Way of Salem said...

Ha ha! I confess! I have about 4 pairs of those myself at home, 1 by my nightstand so I can read, 1 in my bathroom for eyebrow tweezing and to really see what I look like LOL! and a pair at work. When I went to the eye doctor he said I don't need glasses, my eyes are normal at 50 years old. I asked if those readers would hurt my eyes and he said no, not a problem. Funny how they all have their own opinion don't they!

By Way of Salem said...

P.S. And I'm glad I'm not the only craft person who can't see! Half the time I don't know if the brush has hit the page yet. LOL!

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