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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hey! ...I mean.....


...I spent yesterday afternoon hauling about 100 bales of HAY
up onto the tractor out in the big field...

50lb. bales of hay mind you...each!
we had hayed the field the day before, and was letting the bales dry...
and then the rains came!

SOOooo, we had to scramble to get them all into 4 seperate piles,
then cover the piles with tarps.

all the while it was raining.
and humid.

My overhauls, and gotchies were soaked, & my hair was just loverly,
all plastered to my head,
with water dripping down into my ears.

& I had tiny pieces of scratchy hay stuck ALL over my body...

AND Not to mention that I was bitten by every single bug in the field!
(ok, maaaaybe not every SINGLE one, but hundreds and thousands I'll betcha!)

I'm covered head to toe with bites and scratches,
my eyes feel like they've been poked by needles (yeah...that hurts!)
and I have been suffering with a leaky-faucet dripping nose to boot.
(i'm so pretty!)

I am high as a kite on Benadryl and all I want to do is curl up into a ball and sleep...
(and scratch...and scratch some more.)

But alas, I must forge onward...
I must stitch, punch and design....I must create wonderful things for my shows!

Tomorrow I'll worry about uncovering the bales and laying them back out to dry...


but this time, Peter,


the picture below is of my friend Robin who visited me at the shop yesterday
(before I went a'haying)

She brought in her quilt that she's working on...

it's Felicia's pattern and it is beautiful!

(and so are you Mizz Robin!)

Blessed be, my Friends!


Constance said...

You're such an inspiration. You have such a great attitude about life, even the hard working, buggy and scratchy parts of it. Please someday give us a post on how you came to be at Notforgotten Farm, if you weren't born there I think it certainly was waiting for you. I hope you are feeling better right away.

Blessed Be,

Doreen said...

Your day sounds like a similar experience that I had haying recently!!!

Just wanted to stop by and say hi and also tell you how very wonderful your artist statement is!!!

Take care and hope your recover from the sniffles soon.


Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Sorry to read that you are not feeling well today. No wonder you stay so slim and trim, what with moving 500 lbs of hay twice yesterday. I'm sure Peter already knows how wonderful you are, but I agree, next time you should get to drive the tractor! :) Jo

Diva Kreszl said...

You deserve a 'princess day' after all of that...you know one where you get pampered, waited on adored, at least that's what I think a 'princess day' is like...never had one myself!

primitivebettys said...

Lori, I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like the hay & the bugs got the better of ya yesterday. Country life ~ ya just can't get any better huh? ;)

I LOVE the quilt Robin is making. The colors are so GREAT! But then, I LOVE the design too!



janeu729 said...

Ah, the life of a country girl!!! The extent of my "haying" is adding grass clippings to my compost container. Hope you can relax and quit itchin' today!
I'll see you soon to get my Sunflower Witch.

janeu729 said...

P.S.... That quilt is just gorgeous. I know how much work went into crafting that beauty!

William Bezek said...

Way to go Wonder Woman, your amazing!

Aprons Gone Wild said...

You are something else, Lori!

katie said...

I love Robin's quilt

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