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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting ready for AUTUMN!!! :)

this is where you can usually find me...stitching and swinging on the porch...

one of my many Autumn/Hallowe'en flags!

(please forgive the farmhouse's siding, or lack-thereof...
we still think she's just beautiful in all her chippy-glory! no shiny stuff for us!!)

I've gotten some more of my Harvest decorating 'stuff' out of its hiding place
and am coaxing Autumn more & more to come here sooner everyday!
LOL :)
We are supposed to go from the high 80's and humid (ugh)
to 78 & dry by this weekend!!
that means these wonderful things will be just around the corner:
~more leaves changing colors on the Blue Ridge~
~crispy line-dried sheets~
~baking apple pies (baking ANYthing!)~

~cozy-ing up the farmhouse~
~sleeping with the windows OPEN & NO A.C.~
oh, my list goes on and on, but I'm sure you know exactly how I feel!
Being a native New Englander, the LONG hot, Southern summers get quite boring to me.
I want (NEED) the changes of Seasons...
it renews the Soul & refreshes the Spirit!
so, I've dug out my flags & some faux flowers..that helps a bit...not really though,
I want to plant MUMS!
So, again I will look forward to changing out the summer linens and curtains...
collecting kindling,
(i'm sitting here sweating and thinking of kindling!...is it just me girls?)
and the cinnamon/clove scent the farmhouse takes on when the woodstove is burning.
such a tease....
oh I can hardly wait!
I've updated my picturetrail too, and will be working on it daily as I'm retiring alot of my older designs to make room for the new...
the link is on my sidebar or:
while sitting on the porch this morning,
I happened to look down and there sitting, staring back at me,
munching on something with his whiskers twitching,
was a great big, fat old GOPHER!

I screamed...
which made the dogs come running over to the fence
and start barking wildly...
that kinda ticked him off
oh yeah...he didn't mind me being there at all...
but didn't like that I notified the dogs of his presence...
in fact, I think he gave me a rude gesture
(bird sighting!)
and walked (waddled) casually under the shop's porch....
of course I grabbed the broom...
(not that I was going to hit him, ...or ride away on it...ha ha.)
just thought if'n I needed it, I had it for some sort of protection...
maybe i thought I could 'shoooosh' him away?
(hey he was BIG, ok?...stop laughing!)
So I went back to my stitching and held my broom at arms length...
didn't see him again today.
(are they nocturnal?)
I'll be sure not to dangle my toes while sitting on the porch anymore...
(hmmm...wonder what that was he was muching on...)
well, folks, I'm off to the farmhouse to make supper...
it's one of those nights where I didn't plan on anything in particular,
but I usually can whip something up that's good!
Hope you get to enjoy the cooler weather soon, too!
Blessed be!


WoolenSails said...

Am I the only one who doesn't want fall to come? LOL
It took so long for summer to get here, I want to stretch it out some more;) Love your porch, wonderful place to sit and create.


Constance said...

Hi Lori,

You have a beautiful home and farm, your posts are always so refreshing. Thank you for the kind post about my brother and you are right the birds visit often, the birdbath is right by my swing and they flutter in the water and drink and sit on the edge and say the sweetest things with their little bright eyes. we have a new visitor that I'n trying to get a picture of. I don't know what kind of bird he is but he's made himself quite at home. I love your flags and yes I am looking forward to the calm, coolness of a colorful autumn.
Bright Blessings

Lana of Honeysuckle Lane said...

Lori, I love fall and can hardly wait for it to get here! Your home is beautiful, chippy paint and all.
Have a lovely night!

Jennifer said...

Love pictures of your farmhouse! I have a chippy front porch too! and a front porch swing and love it!
I live in North Georgia and so ready for Fall. I just know I felt it in the air this week at night. I'm so ready for the cool weather.

Jennifer Dalenberg

Sheri said...

Lori, I'm just like you, waiting for crisp cool days. The older I get the hotter I am! Hot flashes... And I don't blame you for not dangling your toes. Creepy!
One more thing. I see my favorite sign on your front porch!!! I still want to hook it and hang it in my living room!
I'm going to your picture trail to order the Witches Stitches book. I looked there earlier today. Nice pictures!

Phillane E'lee said...

I personally love the chippy paint. Only shiny things here are my nose and my rings. LOL
Oh you have me itching for fall. Got me thinking of it too.
I don't think gophers are night time creatures. I would keep the broom close.
Have a wonderful week

Cinlyn said...

I think I'm ready for autumn, too! To be able to turn off the ac and open up the windows...Mmmm!!!
Always enjoy your photos...wish I had the kind of front porch to have a porch swing! Lucky you!
You have a gopher...I found a frog in the bathroom last night. I would of thought the boys brought it in but since they are 18 & 22?..don't think so! Hmm....not sure how he got there! LOL Clyde the cat tried to play with it for awhile before I scooped him up in the dustpan and put him back outside!
Off to check out your Halloween blog and your picture trail...I'm sure there will be something there that I NEED!!!

Sherry said...

Well my Dear Friend as I have heard the eeeks many times as we talked on the phone,I KNOW that if there's a critter around it's GONNA find YOU and Buddy's gonna want to play with it!!!!!

Your Hiney-ness

LadyV said...

I love your farmhouse, chippy paint and all...I have been slowly bringing out my autumn decorations, changing things around in anticipation of my favorite time of year. I can also relate to little (and not so little) critters on the porch. I had, of all things, a beaver. I had my spinning wheel on the porch, guess he thought it was intersting.


Anonymous said...

I love fall and it seems to be coming to southern Ohio quite soon. We are going to have highs in the 60 next Monday and lows in the 40s. It's open window time again.

Tracey said...

I SO understand how you feel! I am so ready for fall. NC summers last forever... looks like you will be seeing a bit of fall before I will! I love your house, it's great just the way it is!

janeu729 said...

We have a ways to go before autumn, Lori! In Baltimore, summers lasted into Sept. and I taught in UN airconditioned rooms.
I like the winding down of summer. The butterflies and hummers are still here. Everything just seems comfortable before the big change.
We'll be chillin' soon enough!

~Judy~ said...

Lori...how do you get the cinnamon/clove scent from your woodstove? I also have one. Do you put some in a pot with water on top or something inside the stove?? I would love to know.

Lori said...

Hi Judy ~ and everyone!
I throw a handful of whole cloves and a couple shakes of cinnamon into the pot of water that I constantly have on the woodstove for humidity...smells great!

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