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Friday, June 19, 2009

My Turn !!!!!!

I woke up early yesterday morning,
got dressed and hopped in the car...
was on my way to get Jo and bring her to her chemo appointment...
earlier in the morning, I had noticed that my lower back was feeling a bit 'out', but, i chalked it up to strenous excersize and stress, perhaps, so i went on my merry way.
by the time i arrived at Jo's house (which is seriously only 10 minutes away,) I couldn't stand up and was feeling nauseous...i ran past her into her bathroom and, well, lets just say it wasn't pretty.
of course, Jo was now in full Nurse-Mode, being a specialized RN herself, and was banging down the bathroom door trying to get in to help her little sister, ...me.
she broke in and found me trembling, sweating profusely and freezing all at the same time, and I was experiencing thee worst pain i've felt since childbirth.
(actually, childbirth wasn't that bad, thanks to a drug called Stadol)
I had a death-grip on my left side...pain was shooting from behind my left hip and traveling down the front of my groin...
we got in the car and brought me back home, all the while I was thinking I was experiencing an appendix attack, but it wasn't for the pain was on my left, appendix is on the right.
I called Peter, he flew home from work, in the meantime he had called our local emergency dispatch and they called for an ambulance...
...you KNOW i'm sick if I'm requesting a ride to the hospital.
Ambulance arrives, attendants find me in my bed, writhing in pain, my sister Jo barking orders, my husband standing at the foot of the bed with those deer-in-the-headlights look on his face, and my poor daughter, in the hallway, half in tears, holding the phone...
I managed to walk down the stairs, (don't ask me how) and got on the gurney, into the ambulance, hooked up to IV fluids,
head in a barf-bag on on-my-merry-way to Lynchburg General.
Got to the hospital, got shot up with morphine
(btw, YUCK.)
and was sent for an immediate MRI ~
Now I'm laying on the bed, in Bay 11 of the Emergency Department.
half-hallucintaing from the morphine, still vomitting
and thinking I was on an underwater roller-coaster
(as I mentioned before, YUCK.)
Zophran finally kicks in, stopped vomitting, MRI results are back:
"a 3 centimeter stone is lodged in your bladder, Mrs. Brechlin"
i heard the doctor say...
"it should be passing soon"...
"we found a cluster of stones in your left kidney, where this one traveled from..."
"2 more the size of this one, and a bunch of smaller ones..."

I kinda drifted off at that point, as the nurse said to my hubby:
"Get ready for round two"
SOOOOoooo, now I'm home
with a sore belly, a foggy head, no appetite whatsoever and
on Lortab (vicodin, codeine, etc...)

"Drink plenty of fluids, water especially to help them pass"
are my doctor's orders...
I'm about to float away...........
on an underwater rollercoaster.

and how was YOUR day?

Blessed be,


Linda said...

Lori, Wow! Hope you get through this soon. I've heard that kidney stones are really painful...so sorry that you are going through this. I will pray for your swift recovery.

celaine53f@comcast.net said...

OMG I knew what was wrong before I got to the end of your story! I have had two bouts with kidney stones and 3 children and I will take childbirth-even without stadol! Good Luck!

DaisyGirl said...

Awww sweetie, I feel your pain, take it from a vetern stone maker, I've passed 46 of those little demons. My body just converts all my calium into stones. If the loratab doesn't do it, ask for stadol in a nose spray, that will knock you out while mr.stone makes his journey down. Drink lemonade! Real stuff made with lemons. The acids in the lemons help to break up the stones.
Hope you get better soon! And your sister too!

Lori said...

Thanks everyone, for your well wishes...feel like poop on toast this morning...LOL!

great advice DaisyGirl, will do!

janeu729 said...

Oh Lori!
What a terrible ordeal! I hope all of this pain passes quickly - in every sense of the word. Please let me know if I can do anything. Maybe bring you lemons??
Have Peter call me if I can help.

Natasha said...

((HUGS)) I hope you are feeling better soon and they pass queitly.


primitivebettys said...

Oh my gosh Lori! I'm so sorry to hear your scary story. May you heal quickly my friend! HUGS!!!! Lots of them too!!!

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Awww Lori!! You poor thing!!! Sherry told me about ya this morning, thought she was talkin about Jo. I said Jo, oh no LORI!! I hope you get to feeling better really soon!! :)

William Bezek said...

Yikes! Glad you will be alright!

Tracy said...

You poor baby, so sorry you feel like poop! Get those stinkin' stones OUT.
love ya

mainely stitching said...

Oh, no, Lori! My thoughts are with you and I hope this will all be nothing but an unpleasant memory very soon.

Pots 'n Prims said...

Oh mercy Lori!! NOT a fun day for SURE!! I hope you get to feeling better soon ~ I can join you on your psychadelic medicial journey LoL (I'm on vicodin for fractured ribs!)
Many Hugs & Prayers!

basketsnprims said...

Your poor lil thing. I've heard kidney stones are terribly painful. Love your description ~ poop on toast. I'll keep ya in my prayers.

ohiofarmgirl said...

Oh my, you poor thing. i do hope that they pass quickly and without notice....feel better soon. Dianntha

Cinlyn said...

Wow! Hope the rest pass soon and with less pain! Take care my friend!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Lori ~
My son has had stones several times and I've seen what he has gone through. May you pass them quickly!
Pug hugs coming your way!

Melody said...

Lori, So sorry to hear of your distress. I feel for you! I experienced similar last March. Kidney stones are no fun! Drink lots of fluids. Take your meds.

After this bout is over, be sure to become a serious water drinker. They say it helps.

Thinking of you.....

Susan Pilotto said...


So sorry for your pain Lori...you should check out this kidney stone cleanse...I gave you a link here to check it out...supposed to work really well in helping you pass & dissolve the stones. Hope you are on the mend soon, Susan

farmgirl beth said...

Oh, OWIE! I'm so sorry!

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