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Thursday, May 7, 2009

tiny visitors...

every spring...

hundreds of tiny little frogs...

invade our swimming pool.

beautiful, yes...but

they get into the darndest places...

and blend in so well with their surroundings!
I guess you could say it is my fault that they are here,
and so many of them at that.

I won't let pete get rid of them until we fill the pool and even then there are still some stragglers that stay & swim with me,

and i have quite the 'knack' for imitating their
(ahem) mating call...
(some of you girls have been on the phone with me
while i performed this amazing stunt
...sorry for piercing your eardrums!)

i call to them, they call to me...
(i guess i must be whispering sweet nothings
into their little froglet ears...)
making them more amorous than they already are this time of year...

...we always seem to have a symphony of them peeping at night,
much to the dismay of hannah, who's bedroom windows are closest to the pool.
(sorry sweetgirl, but momma loves her li'l frogs!)
maybe i was part amphibian in another life? LOL :)
(that might explain my fondness
for the little swampy parts of my woods,
down near the creek.)
the whipporwils, owls, guinea hens and froglets
lull me into a peaceful sleep...
...can't wait for the crickets & lightening bugs to join in!!!
Bright Blessings to all of my nature-loving Friends ~


janeu729 said...

I love this, Lori!! I wish we had some place close by with Spring peepers. I did find a tiny hop-toad when I was weeding in the garden.
Every afternoon we have a mocking bird that sits on our chimney and sings his heart out. The repetoire is amazing! I always love the early morning bird chorus this time of year, too.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

One of the few things I like about camping is the sounds of nature I don't normally here in the burbs! Sounds fun!

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