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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Simple Country Pleasures...

Living in the Country means being Blessed with sharing our surroundings
with animals friends and gardens...
I took a stroll around our farmyard and snapped a few pictures for you~
Guinea Hens taking dirt baths in the little front herb garden...

...as well as Young Spring Hens too!

while one of our older Roosters surveys...

at LAST!
my Yarrow is blooming!
These will be hung in the shop and dried...
I love decorating the farmhouse and shop with dried flowers, herbs...even weeds!

I tuck twigs, nests, branches and leaves everywhere!
...even the simplest things bring me great pleasure..
and if it's from Mother Nature, all the better!

Enjoy the long weekend doing what makes you happiest!
Blessed be, my Friends!



WoolenSails said...

Your rooster has such beautiful colors.
I like to get the twisting vines that grow along the fences, great for decorating with. Then we have berries that come in red during the winter, so I use those twigs for the holiday decorating.


Natasha said...

great pictures. Love the Guinea Hen in the dirt. You also enjoy the rest fo the weekend

Cinlyn said...

What a handsome rooster!
I was happy to see that the yarrow I transplanter has started blooming!
Have a wonderful Memorial Monday!!

janeu729 said...

Love that marvelous rooster!! He should be "captured" in a needlepunch piece.
I've got red yarrow blooming and the daylillies are budding up. Can't wait for the monarda and sunflowers!
Mother Nature and I send you hugs!!

Anonymous said...

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