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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well, Friends,...
it is Sunday....a quiet, cloudy evening with a warm southerly breeze.
the 'peepers' (tree frogs) and whipporwills
are doing their best to out-do each other, and I think they sound so relaxing....
last night we heard a big old Owl out back in the woods...
not sure what he was, but boy was he loud!

I've planted some pansies in our flower boxes, and some lemon balm and lavender
in another flower box that is close to our back-door...
the door we use most often, and when I pass in or out,
I can touch these herbs to release their fragrances...ahhhh.....

Laundry was hung early this morning
to catch the breeze and sunrays...
... the bed-clothes will be a blessing to curl up in tonight....

Home Sweet Home
Farmhouse Sweet Farmhouse

I am such a homebody. and proud of it.
I enjoy my home and the feeling it brings me, my family and my friends.
I feel Safe. Loved. Special....just plain Happy and Blessed to be here.

I couldn't imagine not having a place to call your own,
or having to be in a place where you didn't feel comfortable...
that is why I've worked so hard
at getting Jo out of that 'other' place and into her little house in Gladstone.

Today is the first day in almost three weeks that I've had a little time to myself.
We've got Jo all moved in to her little house in Gladstone...
I can't wait to take pictures to share with you all!

She is Safe. Loved. Special and happy...and I'm Blessed to have her so near to me now.

Wednesday the 22nd will be her first Chemotherapy appt. since moving here...
she is in alot of pain from the tumors on her liver,
and from all of the stress and hard work from moving...
please keep her in your prayers?

My heart is Full because of the wonderful 'gifts' that are being sent to me for Jo...
my unending thanks to you all...

and, on a little lighter note, since I had time to write this post, I thought I would offer a painting on ebay...you can visit 'Mrs. Grundmann' by clicking on my ebay link on my left scroll bar...
her picture is at the very top of this post.
Blessed be, my sweet Friends...


Sheri said...

Lori, I'll continue to keep you and Jo in my prayers. She is lucky to have a sister like you. I'm sure she know that.
Also, beware of the lemon balm! It's nearly taken over my flower beds!!! I hate to have to dig anything out, but I absolutely had to. That and the black eyed susans are taking over! I also plant alot of lavendar. I have it along the walkways in the back. Yummy. I hooked some lavendar colored heart shaped sachets last year and filled them with the buds. They are great and people love them as gifts.
Keep your chin up. You have many friends.
xo, Sheri

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hi Lori,

I haven't visited here in awhile. It sounds as if life is very full for you and yours right now. I'll certainly keep a good thought that things will become much more peaceful for each of you, very soon. I know that you have a gift for keeping on the brighter side of each moment, and I'm glad that you are finding joy within your home, and your garden. All my best.

Cinlyn said...

Home-body? ME TOO! I love it...and I never lack for anything to do!
So glad sis is getting settled in. Your family remains in my thoughts and prayers.

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