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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a tiny visitor...

can you see him?

there...a little red blur in the window?

We have a beautiful boy Cardinal that visits everyday...
he comes to the front window where my
out-of-control Bittersweet vine
grows up and under our front porch roof...

it meanders it's way in front of the window, and along the old blue ceiling.

The vine has created almost basket-like bunches or gnarls and twists,
making perfect little nests that, apparently attract birds.

...this chipper fellow comes even whilst still dark, about 6:30 am.
he ruffs his feathers, shakes his tail and pecks at his reflection in the window glass!!
(vanity, thy name is...bird-boy!)

Of course, the cats are out of their furry little minds because of the commotion...
I came back in this morning, from feeding the sheep and chickens,
to find the curtains torn down
and the lamp toppled over...

there sat Suzy & Sam...pointing to each other in blame of the chaos...

of course, i chastised them and blamed them both...
no favoritism here.

I was hoping to get better pictures of the boy-bird,
but he's a skittery little bugger...
won't hold still but for a sliver of a moment.

I'm hoping to tame him a little by leaving him some
black oil sunflower seeds...
maybe then he'll pose for me?

As you go through your day & evening today,
please keep my dear Friend,
Sherry Kristoff (fromsherrysheart847 on ebay) and her sweet hubby John
in your prayers...
John is undergoing surgery
and Sherry
is under alot of stress because of it...

thanks my friends!!!


a reminder

March 28th is the
Virginia Rug Fest

I, of course, will be attending yet again this year...
not vending, but shopping & enjoying the show!

SO ~ If you are riding with me, let me know please!!!
so I can get a head count...thanks!!!

well I'm off to the farmhouse...
I have a big pot of corned beef and cabbage on the woodstove
(yep, it's cold again.)
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


Kath said...

I love Cardinals!
There's an old saying that when you see a Cardinal, it's GOD sign, that He is sending you His Blessing :) I will say a prayer for your friend her and hubby.

Have a wonderful day,

Sherry said...

Lori, the best way to get close and have him stick around a little longer is to wear earth tone clothes. Browns, greens, rust will make you blend right in.

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Cardinals are my favorite bird and one that reminds me of my late grandmother. She loved cardinals and most all birds, but the grand ole red bird was her favorite. I love blue birds too though. Cardinals are a dime ah dozen in Nashville. You will always see at least 3 flying through our backyard.

janeu729 said...

There IS something about an exotic red bird who comes to visit. If you feed him, he might bring the family. The young ones look so funny and unformed!
Looking forward to riding shotgun to the Rug Fest.

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