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Monday, March 30, 2009

peep peep!

Upon my usual rounds doing chores this morning,
I came around the side of the barn....
I thought I heard something, but thought it was birds in the trees overhead,
because they like to swoop down and 'help' the chickens eat their cracked corn.

but, i soon realized the sound was coming from under the barn...

so, I knelt down and peeked under...

here's what was looking back at me!

yepper...four of thee cutest, thumb-sized little 'ditties' (baby chicks)...
...each one a different color!
there's a red one with a black spot on it's head
~ a white one with little white stripes...
...a pure black one and
one that looks like a penguin!!!


what a great way to start the day!
I'm trying to catch 'Pixie', their momma
(who is my smallest banty-hen)
but she keeps going back under the barn
and setting on the nest again.,..
right now I can't tell if there's more eggs,
but I'll soon find out I guess!
in the meantime, the 'ditties' are in the house with us,
safe & snug in a little wooden box with fresh hay
& some sugar-water...
they've even begun to scratch around
in the dish of mash
I made for them!!!
I went to the VA Rug Fest on Saturday with my Friend Jane...
we had a wonderful time and saw the fantastic rugs everyone had up for show...
saw some old friends, and of course, bought great wools from Rebecca Erb (my fav!)

I'll post some pictures soon...
(I'm such a dolt, that I forgot my camera, but Jane took pics...thanks for that Jane!)

Here is a rug that Kathy Newman hooked from my
Good Witch
she incorporated purple ribbon and rusty jingler bells
to the 'cat shaker'...
I cannot begin to tell you how AWESOME this rug is in person!
I'm finishing up a little booklet today, called
that I'll be releasing this afternoon...
it contains primitive line drawing patterns to hook, stitch or punch,
along with some folklore of Herbs...
it will be available on ebay, etsy and my picturetrail...or you can always email me at not4got@aol.com
to purchase one for $10.00
(i have never gone up on my pricing,
and will continue to offer my patterns & such in an affordable way!)
I'll post later this aft when it's listed!
Thanks my friends, for all your comments & emails regarding the post about my sister Jo...
we're really looking forward to her & her girls coming...
Blessed be!

1 comment:

Cinlyn said...

You never slow down do ya?! You've been busy & have a busy month ahead! Have a safe trip to TN & back! Always nice to have family around.
Such cute chickies! I've got a banty hen that's been sitting on a nest too...so far I've not heard any lil chirps!
I look forward to your new booklet!

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