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Friday, March 27, 2009

On the Road Again!!!!

"Dances with Scissors"
(C) original papercutting by me!
Good Morning Friends!
well, I can't believe that a week has almost slipped past since I last left a post for you!
i do apologize...
Been very busy here...working on new things (always)
and preparing to leave for Tennessee on April 2nd ~
I've kept this news under 'wraps' but now am ready to share with you all...
My sister Jo, and her 2 girls (i.e. young women) will be moving up here
to VA. from Tenn. come the first week of April....
my Mom & sister Sharon will be coming down from CT. by train on April 1st,
spend the night here at the farm and then
I'll drive us down to Jo's to help her load up the vehicles
& big truck for the move up!!!
Jo has been very sick for the last couple of months ~ she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer almost 5 years ago, and has been undergoing radiation & chemotherapy almost constantly since then...her cancer spread to her liver and gallbladder, and she had to have her gallbladder removed along with breast tissue....
Jo has been in the Nursing field for almost 8 years, and when she was diagnosed, she was working as a Hospice Nurse, helping other families cope with their trials, all the while raising two
beautiful young women alone...
Our family has been wanting her to move closer to 'family', so I did some research and located a home for rent for her right down the road from us here...a beautiful place where she can see the Blue Ridge Mountains and enjoy sweet horses grazing in a pasture right across the street from her new home...she can garden, raise chickens and just feel safe.
SO, needless to say, I will be busy for the first couple of weeks of April.
my other sister Louisea and her hubby Tom will be coming down for a visit towards the end of April...I can't wait to see them, Tom has never been here before and I think he'll just fall in love with the area...I'm hoping they will decide to move here too, and begin a beautiful, simple way of life...
and in the meantime, between my family's visits, my in-laws will be visiting for spring break.
They arrive in their motor-home and usually visit for a week.
Peter's Dad and younger sister Helen will come, don't know if Grandma Judy will come or not.
All in all, a hectic month to come, but worth the time spent with family...
life is too short to grumble about each other.
we can do more by forgiving and forgetting.
we all need each other.
we may not all get along fabulously, or even like each other that much...but,
family is just that...
a bunch of people thrown together to see
how they can make the best of it....
Tomorrow (saturday) is the VA. Rug Fest.
I'll take lots of pics for you, so look for them 'prolly Sunday!
oh...the significance of the picture at the top of this post?
it's a self portrait of how I feel when I'm creating...
I'm always dancing with ideas in my head...


Sherry said...

how wonderful your sister is moving closer to you! I totally agree with you about family and forgiving. Holding a grudge hurts no one but yourself. I let go of my grudges against several family members some years ago and have felt wonderful since!

Lana said...

Dear Lori ~ your sister and family will be in my prayers. It sounds like a good decision to move her closer to you. I think having sisters / family close by made all the difference in the world in my own sister's victory over breast cancer in the last couple of years.
Enjoy all the family visits and I am looking forward to seeing pics of the rug festival.

God Bless!

Rosie said...

So sorry to hear of your sisters illness, I am sure she will feel safer and easier in mind when she is near you.
Have a great trip.
Rosie x

Lauren said...

Prayers for your sister Jo and her family.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Lori ~ You definitely have a jam-packed month ahead of you! It's great that you are moving your sister close to you ~ Bless all of you as you start this journey ~ Alice

Julie's Keepsakes said...

This is wonderful news that your sister will be moving closer - what a Godsend!

Can't wait to hear and see photos of your rug festival treat. :D

I've missed talking with you. Whereabouts in Tennessee? I live in Nashville. Have safe travels and an easy move.

Anonymous said...

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