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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh My Garsh.....

Remember last month I posted about doing a needlework demo
at the Nelson Co. Historical Society museum?
well I guess I was a hit...
They've contacted me about speaking at their next meeting,
which is this Sunday the 11th.
They want me to speak to the members of the Society, so of course I said yes...
(not knowing that i'd have to speak for 20 or so minutes
...in front of about 50 people.)


I am such a dork.
I hope I don't flub up everything and sound like an idiot...
(I'm hoping that "imagine them in their underwear..." thing works for me...)
I am writing down little bits of info throughout the days, and re-reading them at night
and am trying to sound witty, charming
and intelligent all at the same time....
So far, I sound like a dork.
Geeez Louise....
Wish me luck, will you?


jane augenstein said...

Lori, you silly goose!!! You will do fine, all the writings and booklets you have written are very witty and charming. You will be a hit, I am sure of it!!!
Hugs....and Blessings,

Sherry said...

Lori, you will be wonderful! They were really smart to pick you to come speak! Just be yourself and you will have them wrapped around your little finger!

ctlogcabin said...

Good Luck Lori, I'm sure you will be a big hit. When poeple speak on a subject they love, and are well versed in (as you are)....It sounds natural, and will be an enjoyable and informative talk for everyone attending.
Try an Realx so You can EnJoy ~~ Hugs ~ Connie xox

janeu729 said...

What a wonderful compliment. Is this open to the public? I'd love to hear your speech. I don't think you'll get tongue-tied!!!

Cinlyn said...

Oh girl...I know just how you feel. Shortly after opening my shop years back I had some organizations ask me to give a program..YIKES! With the good Lords help I did it and got thru just fine! I know you will do absolutely wonderful!!

And as if you're not busy enough...how's the new book comin' along? Anxiously waiting!! LOL

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Lori, you are too funny. With the talent you have, you will be just fine. Take a deep breath, and just "be you". That's what people want anyway. Just you... Try and imagine your closest friends sitting right there in your living room and you are just carrying on a conversation.. Congratulations on being asked. That is wonderful! Enjoy, and let us know how you did....

Julie said...

There is simply NO WAY you could screw this up. You are well written and you speak from the heart. You're going to do fantastically, I know it!!! Congratulations too!

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