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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December musings...

my feather tree stuck in an old grey graniteware coffee-pot,
wears a funnel of the same for a topper!

The family members that were here over the Thanksgiving Holiday have now all gone...

Peace and Quiet again in the old Farmhouse!

I've been writing a list of things to do (or not to do) for December,
to prepare for the long Winter ahead and the upcoming New Year:

1~ buy more wool socks...
The old floors of this house are COLD.

2~ stuff the old windows with newspaper to keep out more of the cold.
It worked for Grandma, it'll work for me.

3~ collect more kindling for the woodstoves.
I love the way it crackles, plus gathering firewood warms you twice...
once when you go hiking for it & twice when you burn it!

4~ ready the barn for the cold wind.
the sheep's barn is full of hay bales now,
so that will help insulate them a bit more.

5~ stock up now on floss, threads & sewing needfuls.
if I get snowed in, I'll be sure not to be stuck without something to do!
6~ fix and/or patch the quilts.
I usually patch with wool...lasts longer than the quilts themselves!
7~ catch up on my spinning.
I have gobs of raw wool that needs to be carded & spun
...hmmm...about those wool socks...(see #1)
oh, never mind, I can't knit to save my life.

8~ try to NOT take scalding hot baths.
even though i love LOVE to soak in my big porcelain tub,
the hot water sure does a number on my old hide.

9~ stitch more. talk less.

10~ talk less. stitch more.
Santas & Bears on the old Blue mantel in the keeping room

I've posted a few pictures of parts of the Old Farmhouse that I've decorated.
I'm very plain & simple farmhouse style....don't have the tree up yet, will post that when I do ~hope you enjoy!!

The dolls are from some of the best doll-makers out there in cyberspace...& yes, I do collect them...I have about 50 different primitive dolls from Dear Friends...

this basket was once used by an Appalachian Momma to hold her babies...
now it holds some of mine.

Blessed be, My Friends...


Sherry said...


I just love primitive muslin dolls! I wish I could make them cause they really do cost to buy! Love your pictures and your "to do" list! Guess I should make one too!

Cinlyn said...

Oh wow...love all the pics! You may not have your tree up but love what you've done so far and you're getting something up! We rearranged furniture this evening w/the intentions of bringing it in but it didn't get done! Maybe Thursday!

farmgirl beth said...

You are ACTUALLY making me WANT to start COLLECTING dolls and bears! I can't say that anyone has ever caused such a response in me... :)

Prairie Primitives Folkart said...

lori, i always enjoy reading your blog. love the mantel decor and the basket of dollies too! merrie holidays!

the purple plum said...

I love your dolls.

primitivebettys said...

Lovely photos & I enjoyed reading your list. You know... I love HOT baths too & agree they are tough on the skin... but oh do they feel good on the bones & joints.

:) Betty

Heather said...

Oh! What a lovely home you have! Your tree looks like magic and love those dolls!

Lori said...

Your mantle makes my heart sing and your basket of babes is perfect. Lori R

Anonymous said...

EVerything looks so beautiful Lori. Love those dolls on the mantle especially that standing Santa.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Love your sweet dollies all cozy together!


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