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Friday, November 21, 2008

Simple Things....

Some of my most cherished posessions are truly simple and humble...
I was looking around the farmhouse the other evening, as it was lit only by candle-light and being warmed cozily by the fire in the woodstove, and I thought to myself,
'I have such Simple Things'...
saying that aloud but quietly,
was a huge compliment that I gifted myself...

I'm not a 'store-bought' person.
I'm thrilled beyond measure with handmade & hand-done things.
I find Peace in knowing that something as humble as a worn tin apple corer
(that I use weekly for baking apple pies)
was at one time in the posession of another Woman before me...
that she, too, could have used that tiny metal thing
to fill her family's bellies with a warm treat....
I look for things that show wear, age, use...

Nowadays, things aren't made to last.
and they don't.
Our television set is almost kaputz,
and I think I'll enjoy the day it actually goes, as I'm not much of a tv watcher anymore
...I read, sew, listen to the radio...
I clean house, I tend to my animals & gardens.
I live Simply.

Think of this:
not even 50 years ago,
Women still saved buttons from spent clothing.
... the fabric from said clothing was turned into a quilt, patches for other clothing, rags for cleaning and then, finally, threadbare & worn, they were burned...
how many uses was that? Hmmm...
I try to do the same thing...I haven't bought 'new' clothing in a long time...I purchase 2nd-hand & gently used clothing...I sew patches from pretty calicoes & wools and I LIKE patches!
I want to take the time to mend an article that needs it...
it saves me money & hones my sewing skills to boot!

Think of all the things you can do around your Humble Home to help you live more Simply...
it may just unclutter your mind, free your spirit & help your environment...

"Use it Up..
Wear it Out,
Make it Do, or

Blessed be, sweet Friends~


corinna said...

you should make a stitch pattern
with that saying
happy holidays

Bobbie said...

I have a sampler with that very saying on it that I purchased long ago from a dear friend. It hangs before me in my sewing room...it was a sampler hand stitched by you, Lori. It's my favorite!


farmgirl beth said...

yes. and a quiet... a-men.

Nancy said...

Wonderful post, and aren't things worn by love the absolute best!

Joshua said...

Thank you for reminding me today how important the the simple things in life are to our hearts and souls. xoxo

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