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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Last Leaf ~

The last leaf has fallen from our ancient Persimmon tree....
leaving us an abundance of fruit this year.

it has fed generations of families here at this old Homeplace.

it's twisting, winding branches are laden with the bittersweet fruit,

now ready for me to make into a tangy jam ~
You may be able to find some Persimmons at your local Farmer's Market, or perhaps in your higher-end Grocery Store...
here's an awesome website for recipes using Persimmons:
Today is cold & blustery again...perfect.
One of our Guinea Hen momma's hatched 3 little chicks yesterday...we brought them into the house & now they are residing in our family room next to the woodstove...
I'll try to take a picture of them,
as all 3 can fit into the palm of one of my hands!
enjoy this blustery day with a good book,
some stitching
and a nice
piping hot corn muffin
spread with
Persimmon Jam!!
Blessed be,


janeu729 said...

We took Skye for a lovely Mt. view walk on this blustery morning. I plan to work on my newest hooked piece which has Skye as its subject.
Just love your visual and verbal pictures!!

Pots 'n Prims said...

I've been eyeing our old persimmon tree as well! It is laden with fruit! But, I've never had persimmon jam - we always make persimmon pudding! Freezing extra pulp for puddings this winter! Oh I can't wait! :)

Cinlyn said...

Ooo...I'll let ya keep the persimmons! I remember my Grandma and her persimmons....that's one thing I don't think I'll ever aquire a taste for! Check out my blog...I posted about the stew! Thanks!

Joshua said...

Hi Lori! Happened to click on your website today and found your blog address - yippee! I have a new blog - http://halcyonthesedays.blogspot.

Let's catch up sometime soon!

Joshua in Knoxville, TN

Petra said...

What a beautiful tree - it looks like it has so much history!

Rachael Kinnison said...

HI Lori~
So Im still waiting for you to post a picture of babies!!!! My husband brought me home 3 guinneas and GOLLY! Theyre just the uguliest things theyre so CUTE! Eddy, Poke & Joe......tho they are all females and SOOOO L*O*U*D*. Poke will stand at the fence and run and poke her head thru, as far as she can get it, then back up and run and do it again, over and over and over~ hence her name of Poke! Im ancious to see if the wee little new ones are just as uguly~itious as the adults :)
Have a great Halloween!

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