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Monday, October 13, 2008

Bigger and Bigger, More and More....

We are having a bumper crop of Black Walnuts this year...
and they are humongous!!!

The Squirrels have been collecting them for a couple weeks, now...and the locals tell me that is a sure sign of a soon and snowy Winter season...
(this Yankee girl couldn't be happier
with the thought of some snow in her forcast) ~

We'll gather the walnuts by the bucketfull, then husk some and dry them for food...
the others will be sold off to make black walnut dye...
a staple in the lives of primitive crafters and artisans alike...

I do make my own and use it generously in my handwork...


ANOTHER thing that is getting larger by the months is Buddy!

He now weighs in at a mere 187 lbs....puny little thing!

He and Peter are best friends,
although Lazy, our black Lab
still isn't happy about sharing us with him...
Buddy loves Lazy though, and follows him everywhere,
...much to Lazy's chagrin...
Maybe he'll stop growing now that he's almost a year old...
yup, he's still a 'puppy'...
his brain is still in puppy mode
and he still has no control over his hind back-end ...if he's running toward you, please get out of his way as he has a tendency to jack-knife and fall over,
taking anything & everything (everyone!)
down with him
(I do apologize).
For now, he still thinks he's a little lap-dog, but I assure you.
He isn't.
He also likes to carry around a ragged old blue blanket, which has earned him the nickname 'Linus'....we also call him 'Yeti', 'The Beast' and occasionally, he and Lazy are referred to as
'Dumb and Dumber' (you figure out which is which...)
Well, I guess I'll go collect the walnuts...
Buddy likes to carry the bucket in his mouth
and walk along side me...

Lazy likes to watch us.


Kathy (woolfind) said...

What a gorgeous PUP lol!! Oh my...too cute! I sure hope he's done growing for your sake. Those walnuts are also huge. Enjoy making your stain. You sure have a supply of it.

janeu729 said...

What an incredible growth spurt that Buddy has had!! He's such a gentle giant. Looking forward to seeing you and my canine friends, soon.

Rachael Kinnison said...

Hi Lori!
LOVE your walnuts~ Im so jelous~ BUCKETS of them!!! I am definately a 'gatherer'~ all the women in my family are.
Your Buddy & my Yetti should get together~ bet they would LOVE to play! Buddy looks to be just about as big as Yetti(he is also a Great Pyrnese)~ and STILL such a puppy at 3 yr old. There is nothing like when they get all 'frisky' inside the house~ Yetti will push the children around like they are toys, pick up my whole dining room table when he sits up under it, and then he will literally be hopping up and down on our bed! His favorite thing in the world is having his face rubbed and scratched around his eyes and on his nose ;)
Have a great week & tell me you are diligently cutting us out a new witchy picture!
kindest, Rachael

Kris Miller said...

Oh my gosh, Lori! Buddy is getting really big! My Pyranees is a big girl (weighs in at 125 lbs) but she's no match to Buddy. I've enjoyed seeing how much he has grown in such a short period of time. Does he get along with your sheep? My dog never did like sheep much but she absolutely loves my goats...they are her "babies". Her guarding instincts kicked in when she was allowed to co-exist with the goats.

Tammy said...

He has gotten so big since we were there, I love that picture of him on Peter's shoulders!

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