Friday, June 03, 2016

~ Joan's House Tour part 2 ~

Hello Friends & Folk!

As promised, here is Part 2 of my sweet friends Joan's beautiful home
{to revisit part 1 click HERE}

Today, we are visiting her Front Parlor ~
a warm, quiet room filled to the brim with beloved collections…

Here is the view facing the front entry leading from outside, in:

notice the bead board & shelving above that continues around entire room!

can you see me?

to the right of the front door, 
a sweet little child's desk…

love those toy phones!
{keep them in your memory bank for future posts!}

~ to the left of the front door,
another, full-sized desk sits:

coming around the room, a wingback chair waits…

tea anyone??

 another view of same corner…
with a peak of the infamous 'Doll Head Mantel' ~

so what's wrong with collecting antique doll heads?
why nothing at all ~
I love them!

creepy & spooky & a little odd…
PERFECT to me!

I love my eclectic friend Joan!

… coming around the room to the left of the mantel,
you see the doorway leading to the hallway & stairs ~

Joan & I laugh at the 'simplify' wool rug she made on the back of the wingback chair…
we cannot seem to 'simplify'!!!

~ coming left of the chair, a shutter-flanked window lets in soft light for her many plants...
shelves hold just a *SMALL* portion of the many {and I mean many} books in
Joan's collection ;)

to the left of the window stands another beautiful piece of furniture ~
with more pretties on top!

…and above!!

 Taking center-stage,
a comfy sofa and tables {for more display space, of course}

small child's wagon holds more books…

an antique herb-dryer is put to work as a side table…
with just one {of many!} needle/thread boxes rests:

no space goes unadorned ~ 
even the small spot behind the sofa is put to good use :)

Joan has a massive collection of 'stuffies' ~ animals, dolls, babies, toys….

Turning directly around now, from the view above ~
is the doorway leading to the hallway/stairs...

toy truck atop another needle/thread box
{remember, keep these in mind with the toy telephones!}

 And, here is the doorway leaning into the room itself, from the hallway ~

I love Joan's wallpaper throughout the home ~
 and her needlework & rug collection
is huge!

Thank you Joan & Arthur
for allowing us to visit your Front Parlor!
May we sit a bit to rest and take it all in a while longer?

I will be posting MORE of Joan & Art's home in the upcoming weeks…
You Ain't seen NOTHING Yet! 

**Friendly Reminder**
my little box auction is ending this evening!


~ Blessings from the Farm ~


  1. Totally amazing! So fun to see all that goodness. Joan has intense shopping skills. Hope she has dusting help. lol I thought I had a lot of stuff. ;-)

  2. What a charming home! I couldn't help but wonder what year it was built. Regardless, she has bestowed a warm, sweet touch to her living spaces, which lends it the feel of "old" and "welcome." Thank you for inviting us in, Joan! BTW, I used to have an herb dryer exactly like the one in the picture…but mine was not in as good a shape! Clever way to use it!

  3. Lori, Thank you for posting the photos!
    Everything is gorgeous! The doll heads might creep-me-out..just a tiny bit! :-0 ...but they do look right at home there!
    Joan, THANK YOU for letting us cyber-visit your home. ~C

  4. So FUN!!!

  5. WOW almost overwhelming in eye candy. One doesn't know where to look next. so many goodies. Thanks for sharing

  6. REally cool colors on her walls and trim...her decorating is how she has books displayed. It's really a lovely home!

  7. Loving the wall colors and OH my collection heaven Love how she has everything displayed Thank you for sharing the pictures and also to joan and art for letting us see

    linda m

  8. too much stuff to see. Im studying each pix to enjoy all the pretties. Thank you Joan for sharing your home with us

  9. Thank you lori and joan for the wonderful tour! What a sweet, sweet cozy house,,,, love all the collections,,, colors,, homeyness ( is that a word),,,
    Just lovely,,,,
    Must go back again and look at part 1
    Thanks again,,,,

  10. too much stuff to see. Im studying each pix to enjoy all the pretties. Thank you Joan for sharing your home with us

  11. Love it all! Thank you so much for sharing - I am looking forward to seeing more. This home leaves you with such a cozy feeling.

  12. Love it! Joan has THE BEST antique rugs! I'm coveting them!
    Blessings, Patti

  13. OMG !!!!! Joan's house is Wonderful !!! I just Love how she displays all her special treasures !!! I have an old bread box that she uses for an end table hiding in the basement , just have to try that ! So perfect & useful to hide more stuff ! It just looks so comfy & cozy !!! I "Simplify" like that too !!! LOL !!!!Can't wait to see more !!!

  14. I would love to go out shopping with you two! Thank you for sharing these inspiring pictures. I really like the shelf around your parlor and that beautiful wallpaper. Is it vintage or a pattern that is available? Looking forward to touring more rooms!

  15. Joan has a wonderful decorating style. I just love everything.
    Simplify? Yeah, right :)

  16. What a beautiful home! I love the front door, the shelves ~ well, heck, I love everything!! Thank you for the tour....

  17. Wow, every room is full of wonderful collections! I've looked at the links provided and it was so much fun getting a chance to see Joan's beautiful home. Thank-you for this amazing house tour on this post and the next!!


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