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Thursday, March 16, 2017

~ Thursday Morning Musings ~

 Good Morning Friends & Folk ~

a Fine almost-spring day here on the farm...
warmer-than-yesterday temps, less wind and beautiful, sunny skies.
... I'll take it!

 I've drawn up another rug that I'm in the process of hooking, 
~ in-between other punch & stitch projects ~

This is another larger {for me} rug, about the same size as
 Lancaster Barnyard, which finished is 19.5 "x 27.5 " ~
this one  will measure approx. 24" x 30" when hooked.

I've named this design
"Elda's Flowers"
after my mom, Elda Elizabeth Geiste Smith ~ 
... and am using lots of blue wools, since that is her favorite color :)

some may wonder why I'm using a hoop ~
well I like to begin my rugs with the central-most motif and work my way outwards...
using a hoop is just easier for me at this stage.... I will then use my Hookinpunch© Frame, 
~ then finally it will go on my big Standing Floor Frame© to finish the background/border.

 thought I'd share my daffy's with those that are in the midst of total white-ness...
the storm surely & thankfully missed us here!

here's something else that I'm doing...
and some of you seasoned-hookers out there may cringe at this,
BUT I am hooking this on primitive burlap.
NOT Walmart or Joann's burlap, 
but good primitive Scottish burlap that I purchased long ago 
... when I first started to hook and couldn't afford linen.

I have gobs of this burlap....
and since this will be a model for a pattern, 
I see nothing wrong with using it, 
~ since it will never touch the floor or be walked upon.

the photos below show the wools I chose, 
and since taking the photos, I have cut my strips in 8.5 widths 
using my awesome Sizzix Big Shot cutter! woohoo!!
{{ & a shout out to Julie Thomas from www.theoldtatteredflag.com }}

the wools on the left are for the flowers ~
the wools on the top-middle are for the urn,
and the wools on the lower right are for the leaves/stems. 
the large dark piece of wool that these are laying on is the background wool...
a blue-stripe that I will cut both vertically & horizontally 
to get different effects from the same wool.




I'll work a little more on this today, 
... then I have to get packing for the
Woolwright's Hook In in Lancaster, PA

 I can't wait to hit the road tomorrow,
 and enjoy seeing everyone at this awesome event!
since Miss Joan cannot be with me, our daughter Hannah will be my helper...yay!
So please stop on in our booth, introduce yourself 
 ~ and say hello!!

& to those traveling, 
Be Safe!

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


Anonymous said...

Another lovely pattern, Lori…and it's wonderful that you are creating it with your dear mother in mind. I love her name! It is so unusual and pretty. Safe travels…and have fun!!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Wonderful pattern. I just need to learn/improve my hooking. I tried the frame and found it awkward for me so am now using my hoop. for me it is better to handle. Love following your blog as I too jump around from PN, XS, and now attempting RH. Variety is spicy...YES?

Keep safe and Enjoy with Peace, Barb

Jacqueline said...

Love your wools. Hope you share your progress as you go.

Safe travels.

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,,, going to love this mat!! Love urns with flowers,,,, blues are some of my favorites, too,,,, I still love burlap,,, doing a wide cut in some now,, ,,,,
Your flowers look lovely,, so spring like,,,
Hope for some spring soon,,,
Have a good trip,, and spending time with hannah!!
Take care,,

Cheryl WNC said...

Lori, this is just beautiful. How lovely it is named for your mom. I love flowers and draw them on many things myself. Thanks for sharing. Happy hooking!

NMK said...

Love this pattern & the colors you are using !!! Have lots of fun this weekend !

Happy St Patty's Day !!!!

Marcia said...

Beautiful pattern and I love that you are paying homage to your Mom. Your colors are just gorgeous!
As for the Scotch Burlap I have a large 36" x 60" piece I purchased for $10 believe it or not at an antique
store. Perfect for a wall hanging or something that won't be walked on. I don't like letting anything go to waste. Have fun on your trip.

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