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Friday, November 9, 2012

LIFE ~ imitates ART ~

Fresh oranges ~ Whole cloves...
the mere scent reminds me of Christmases Past....
so it's no wonder that I love to make
Cloved Orange Pomanders
...come this time of year ~

 and I guess I love to make them SO much, that I even paint about making them...
hence, the painting below, that I rendered ca. 2010...
"Peace and Plenty"
original painting by ©L. Brechlin

see thee tiny painted cloves? the ironstone platter?...
my life really does imitate my ART...or maybe it's thee other way 'round??
maybe I get so inspired by my ART that I must create something to replicate it???

who knows...
I just know I'm happy doing either...
an early tin cup full of whole cloves...an ironstonme platter laden with ripe citrus fruit...
so simple yet beautiful and historically acurate for Christmastide Decor ~
(according to Colonial Williamsburg)

Sitting quietly, with a sharp awl ~
...a bowlful of fruit and cupful of cloves is ALL I need
to get me
in the Christmas Spirit ~

been makin' these since I was a little girl ~
 Some of you, that live in our around New England, may have OLD pomanders...
they are usually passed down from generation-to-the-next...
I know I have one that is at least 100 yrs. old...
a cupful of dried orrisroot, some cinnamon & ground clove ~
to dust them all well ~ let them dry by the woodstove...turning them everyday till dry....
 They will shrink...almost by half.
and their skins will become leather-y...which is a goode thing.
after that, you can roll them again in ground cinnamon, orris root and ground clove.
these all act preservatives and will 'save' them for years to come.
I love the scent of orange & clove

and Miss Flea & I cut a BUNCH of fat 1/4's of the NEW Fabrics that I recently recieved today...
do they not look FABulous in that Olde Post Office Box that Peter got last week??

perfect for fat 1/4's...I KNEW it would be!

now I need MORE Fabrics to fill it up completely, but that will happen soon~

put it in front of the counter, so it 'greets' you when you walk in the front door ~

I could actually use another two or three of these ~
hopefully we can find more !!!

I can't wait to show you all of the simple, farmhouse/primitive 'things' we will be offering you for the Christmas Open House this year...
we are trying to simplify, reuse, recycle and re-do...
plus make original handmade items.
I will be GIVING you ALL a gift in the next couple of days too...
if you visit my blog, are a customer/friend and/or follower ~
I will be gifting you all with a FREE cross stitch pattern soon.
Have a beautiful, relaxing evening my friends ~
Blessings from Notforgotten Farm...


Val Reaves said...

Hi...I discovered you recently and you rekindle my interest in stitchng. Last weekend I went to the cross stitch shop in Liberty, Missouri, wherre I bought one of your autumn designs... I've been enjoying your blog so very much...
Val in Kansas

Gail said...

I do love that shelf. Looks like an old post office shelf to me.

Art/life...you do both very well.

I love repurposing things. Just hung a refrigerator grill over a light fixture/medicine that had no shade. It is awesome!

Happy Holidays.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Gail ~ If you read my previous posts, that cubyy IS an actual PO BOX from NORWOOD, VA ~ happy to have it in our collection to share with our customers & friends ~
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Blessed be,

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

***meant for my response to go to
***VAL's*** previous post!

Pat said...

The fat quarters look fabulous in your gorgeous cubbies. I can't wait to see it in person. Keep cutting..........December 1st is just around the corner!! YIKES!!!!

denise said...

Love all of it! Denise

annie said...

love the photos, seeing is like going for a visit to your shop. it's been many moons since I made one of the pomanders, just may be time again.
wow, great p o box. just a great fit, hope you find more, and hope to see the new free pattern!

jonette said...

What a wonderful piece to put your fabric in!

marly said...

There it is. The cupboard I dreamed about. Proud as could be to be useful and perfect for its new home!

Miss LindaLee said...

I'm a follower Lori and love stopping in. I am indeed from New England. NH to be exact, but wasn't fortunate enough to inherit any of the beautiful pomanders. I would love to start making some though to pass on to my children. Do you insert the cloves before you roll them in the spices the first time? Or do you roll them before inserting the spices? They do get rolled in the spices twice. Correct?
LindaLee from Cross’N My Stitches

Mary A said...

Hi Lori,
Could you show us a picture of your old pomander? Your new old wooden bins are wonderful. Wouldn't they be great in my sewing room? :) Mary

samplerlover said...

What a wonderful use for your old Post Office. Hope you find some more.

Love your oranges. They last for such a long time. I once read that if you lightly spray them with warm water and sprinkle them with ground love's that it freshness them up again. I have an antique bowl full of cloves with oranges, lemons, limes and a pear all studded with cloves

Carole said...

L0VE the cubbies, and such a fabulous use for them! I
can't believe your husband asked if you had a use for them......from a female standpoint, that's a given!

cucki said...

Aww I love all of it xx

Doreen said...

So beautiful and simple. I too make pomanders..I even have that same tin cup and platter...though my platter has a bit of a design on it. :)

wishing you a great day,

Chris said...

IS there anything better than orange clove pomanders...heaven :)
The post office piece looks absolutely amazing!!

Logan O'Bier said...

Golly I just LOVE your shop wish you closer!

Im having a little GIVEAWAY! http://www.sewscissorhappy.blogspot.com

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

LUV the Post Office shelves. You are so organized, I am jealous.
Did you know that Carol and her Hubs (Firecracker Kid) make these reproduction P.O. shelves? I am seeking for a spot in my home and have one of them custom made to suit my needs. They are awesome.

Love your Blog as I visit often not always commenting...

Have a Blessed Day,

Nancee said...

I can almost smell the wonderful clove and cinnamon fruit. You have inspired me to get on that right away. I'm postal about the postal cabinet! Now that my studio is open to the public, I'm always looking for that perfect piece. It looks like you found it.

Elisabetta said...

The shelf is really perfect full of fabrics!!!
I would like to make the orange with cinnamon as you!

Elisabetta said...

The shelf is really perfect full of fabrics!!!
I would like to make the orange with cinnamon as you!

Martha Doe said...

Love to make pomanders. Made my first one in Girl Scouts--many many years ago. I hope you show us the 100 yr old one. Now I've got the bug to make some. Love the furniture piece with the cubies!

Paula said...

Hi dear Lori,
I love your beautiful photos and your lovely Cloved Orange Pomanders. I would love to make some. Thank you for sharing the technique. I am amazed at how long they last. I love your beautiful painting! You are such a talented artist! It looks so pretty along with the makings of your pomanders. The Olde Post Office Box that Peter got for you looks fantastic! It fits in your shop perfectly and the fabric looks so lovely in it! I am very happy for you and hope you find another one. I look forward to seeing your offerings. It all sounds so wonderful! Have a restful Sunday! Many blessings, Paula

PS~ Have you watched Larkrise to Candleford? It is wonderful and your post office box reminds me of their post office. xo

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