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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rabbits & Tulips

My most favorite things to decorate this old Farmhouse
in the sweet Springtime
are old Rabbits and fresh Tulips...
ok, so it's not Spring yet,
the weather-people are predicting
a snow/ice storm for us tomorrow ~

(we've been extremely lucky this year
to NOT have what the rest of the country is experiencing)

but nonetheless,
I have started to bring out a few of my beloved Rabbits...
the larger one above, was a gift from my friend Donna

it was in bad shape when she handed it to me a couple of years ago,
and she asked me to fix it...
it is an early German Candy Container, made from paper mache
& I had no experience in reconstructing one before ~
but, I gathered some old quilt batting, white glue
and ashes from the woodstove and fixed his little neck
& half of his adorable head...
not a bad job, no?

the other little fellow was found along the way somewhere...
I can't remember where I got him, but he's been with me a long time...
he's also made from paper mache or some sort of composition~

what would a Farmhouse Kitchen be without Tulips?
ahhh....I can't wait til the fresh ones arrive at our local market...
the ones above are 'faux', purchased from Michaels about 5 years ago...
I love them and how they look nestled in my glass jar set on my breakfast nook table.

....speaking of Farmhouse Kitchens,
I wanted to thank you girls that left me comments yesterday
regarding my kitchen make-over
and how you like the kitchen just as it is now!

I tried hanging some of the tablecloths to replace the curtains,
and it just doesn't work...
WAAAYYYY too busy for me, so I will dig through my fabric stash
& look for a pale-to-butter yellow cotton check
...I think that will give me the look I'm after...
I have received a bunch of emails with ideas for my backsplash!
I will surprise you with the finish soon !!!
Hoping you all have a wonderfully creative day!

Blessings from the Farm...
p.s. how do you like the new look of my blog?? :)


NMK said...

You always have the nicest blog...so many pretty headings...Your friends picture trail was fun to browse, so many pretty things. I NEED sunshine & warmer days...more snow & more snow on it's way here in New England....I think there are only 55 days until Spring !!!!Not sure if I'll make it ! :-)

primitivebettys said...

Good Morning Lori! I didn't get a chance to post yesterday... but I totally LOVE your kitchen! One of these days I am going to redo ours... just waiting on some funds. DRATS! :)

As for the bunnies & tulips... OH I TOO AM SOOOOOOO READY!!!! I wonder if Michaels has any of those pretty tulips left. I'm going to be in the city on Friday & may just have to stop over there to check!! Until then, I'm going to continue working on my blue tulip rug.

Smiles dear friend!


ps... love the new look of your blog too. How do you do it?!

The French Bear said...

Oh Lori, I love the new look! Your blog always looks so inviting and happy....very pretty it is!!!
Love the photos of your kitchen, just what I would want a farmhouse kitchen to be....I could live there....even without the dishwasher....as long as I had my fruits of passion dish soap I would be happy. If I could learn to stitch on linen that would be the best!!!
My cross stitching is very slow and not the greatest but I do love to see what all you girls are making, you do make me want to learn more!
Margaret B

Cindy in Virginia said...

Lori, I love what all you've done with your house so far! And, I am a bunny and tulip girl, as well! I'm going to have to stop by and visit one of these days....I am originally from Roanoke, live in Winchester now, but my husband has relatives in Lynchburg/Gladys/Rustburg/Forest, so we come that way on occasion.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Lori ~
Love the look of your blog. Great font! What version of blogger are you using?
Great job on the bunny repair!
Hugs :)

kim said...

Tobacco cloth might be an idea. It's not the butter yellow your looking for but might be an option. Almost didn't recognize you- the blog looks terrific!!
take care

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I too am ready for spring enough of the cold bring on the sweet smell of spring. I can't say enough of your blog ~ the background ~ the pictures ~ the font you use ~ the colors~ I LOVE IT ALL!
Prim Blessings! Robin

from me to thee......... said...

Lori, I am just LOVING the look of your home, lighter, fresher, etc.....love the plates, whites, bunnies, etc. How about taking really faded, tableclothes from the 50's....they should be so faded and worn, almost not there. Back splash, how about some weathered wood (chippy white), tin, how about some vintage recipe cards glued to the wal and sealed? Oh, I want to redecorate, but don't know where to begin. Linda

from me to thee......... said...

one more thing.....I LOVE your ever changing backgrounds and banners, but, I really LOVE this whole thing you have now, it looks like you!! Linda

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