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Thursday, July 2, 2009


isn't it funny how we yearn for vacations...
a little time away from the hustle-bustle of our everydays?
we prepare weeks in advance for a little time away,
shopping for new clothes for the trip, incidentals, packing, mapping our routes.

finally the day comes to leave home...
gas up the car, pack the cooler, bring plenty of water, snacks, road maps and directions.
when our destination is reached, we hurry to unpack and 'get settled',
then it's off to here and there, visiting this and that and him & her.

...then slowly, surely, thoughts of our own bed and comforts creep back into our minds...
the familiar sounds of my farmhouse are sorely missed as I sit here at my Mother's computer in Connecticut...

Sirens have kept us awake for two nights now, and mornings are startled awake by the churning sounds of car engines being started by neighbors waaaay too close...

I miss our regular morning revery of roosters, and the Baaaa-ing of our sheep.
being lulled awake by the little velvet paw of my sweet cat Suzy, who usually wants her breakfast by 6:30 a.m. ~ and of course, the commotion of husband/daughter getting ready to start their own days...

today is thursday.
i'm packing, mapping our route to head up to Guilford, CT for another 4 days of
'vacation' with the 'other' side of our family...

then we'll pack again, gas up the car, map our routes and get directions...
we'll head back to our beloved farmhouse on monday july 6th...

there's no place like home.

Blessed be, sweet Friends,


The Evening Stitcher said...

Well said, Lori! I,too, look forward to vacations, but after a week, I am so ready to come home. When I get home from work every evening, it is the only place I want to be. Have a safe trip home!


Lori said...

thanks Bobbie!

I'm loooking forward to the peace & quiet of home too...after I unpack, do all this laundry, and (probably) have to clean the house!

Blessed be!

Cindy Lu said...

I hope you and Hannah are having a good time. I do know what you mean about getting homesick though. Enjoy the rest of your stay and have fun and be careful. See you soon. Happy 4th.

Joshua said...

Happy 4th of July, sweet friend! I'm homesick too and headed home tomorrow. Been collecting lots of goodies for the Gathering. xoxo Josh

Cinlyn said...

I know exactly what you mean...but my time away was spent with John in the truck! Always good to get back home!
Enjoy the rest of your trip...be safe! Happy 4th dearie!

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