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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun on the Farm!

(little Strawberry Witch painting will be on ebay this eve along with a larger Witch painting)

~Hi Folks!!!!~

Hoping this post finds you all relaxing on the porch
with a tall, cool glass of sweet tea!!
I got up good 'n early this morning...
first, I painted some Witch portraits,
...then I headed out to cut the lawn.

I love to ride my lawn tractor around our property...
I cut the lawn once a week all throughout the spring & summer.

I have a cool little wagon that Peter bought for me
so i can cart around all of my garden stuff...
(right now there's chocolate mulch in it for my herb beds...)
I need to visit our local nurserry in Appomattox for some more herbs...

...my Strawberry plants are looking good!

I'll be moving them to inside the shops' fenced-in garden,
so the deer can't feast on them again this year,
along with my blueberry bushes and a snowball bush!

Look how happy this Lamb's Ear plant is!!

I have to paint the beeskep white...
that keeps them from deteriorating in the weather.
I'll be starting my week of working on some stitcheries for the Pharsalia event,
then I need to design some new needle punch for the shows in Sept & Oct...
All of my visitors have returned home...we had tons of family come down to visit this month, so I haven't had the chance to stitch too much...hoping that will change a bit now!!!


I have 3 new Hallowe'en cross stitch designs being stitched while we speak!
I hope to release them in June,...
they are:

*Goodwitch Sampler*

*Skeleton Keys*
*Hallow's Nigh' *

~looking forward to seeing these all finished!!~
Well, friends, I'm heading over to Ebay to list those Witch paintings...
I'll look for you again tomorrow!

Blessed be!


primitivebettys said...

I need you to visit me in Kansas & help get my gardens lookin' as great as yours! :)

Your paintings are great too!


basketsnprims said...

Love your gardens & your beeskep. I've been looking for one to put outside. Can't wait to see your new patterns.

Sherry said...

Your garden looks wonderful! I love the beeskep. New designs? (said gleefully as I twist and wring my hands) Yippee!

janeu729 said...

What a weekend for gardening! Yours look great. Have fun mowin' and stitchin'!

Paisley Piratess said...

Is there anything you aren't interested in doin'! :)

I love your work and wish you'd come to Chicago and inspire us!

whimseycreations said...

Everything looks beautiful! So peaceful looking. Please be careful with chocolate mulch if you have dogs. It is poisonous for them.

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