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Monday, November 17, 2008

My New Baby!

THAT got your attention, I'm sure! HA!

my new "baby" is a ca. 1900's Pfaff model #31 Treadle Sewing Machine!!!

I found it at Lou's Antiques Mall, here in Amherst, VA~
I have been wanting to sew on a treadle machine for...well, EVER!

I wasn't even looking for it, "she" sort of found me!!

I was poking around the basement of the antiques shop, which is chock FULL of all kinds of neat things, when I turned the corner & bumped into 'her' cabinet with my left thigh...I rubbed my leg, and looked down & saw a treadle-base, with a dome-shaped cover setting on top...
Usually, you don't find the machine still attached to the table base, but I lifted off the top & there "she" was...all black & chrome & shiny with her gold lettering & designs...

I opened up her little drawer and found all of her old silver-metal bobbins in there little holder...
I took out a spool of thread, and the stars aligned...
I actually threaded the machine & bobbin, and got her working...
I was amazed!!!!


The belt that drives the wheel from the treadle was in sad shape,
so Peter fixed it for me & oiled her up, once we got her home here...

I have yet to get the bobbin tension right,
so I'm practicing, practicing...
I even found a booklet of instructions on eaby ~ (keep your fingers crossed that I win it!!)
so that I can see if I truly threaded her correctly or not...
now THAT would be funny if I did, huh?

I'm hoping to make some little wool doll quilts on it,
and when I do I'll post pictures here...
Do any of you own/use an antique sewing machine??
Well, I'm Done for the day, off to stitch on my little sampler....
Blessed be, my Friends!


jane augenstein said...

Oh, Lori......happy, happy day!!! I love my old treadle machine, mine is a Singer. I have used it many times when the electric was off or just because I wanted to feel the wonderful rocking rhythm of the treadle moving under my foot. Sometimes it's a little hard to get it started (hold your mouth just right! LOL) but once you find your rhythm it's so soothing. Think of our sisters of yesteryear sewing their clothing and quilts on one........(sigh)
Have fun with your new "baby".

Sherry said...

Lucky you!! I own two treadles! One is in working condition (but I don't use it) and is the oldest of the two. It was built between 1900-1905 in Germany. The other is a Singer and is past it's day of sewing.

Cinlyn said...

Oh how cool! When I read that, I figured you had a new baby animal!! lol
I've got an old treadle but I've not taken the time that I should to work with it to see if I could get it working...my mil gave it to me!! It's a 'Domestic' the word 'vibrator' is also on there...made in Buffalo, NY. I'll have to post a pic sometime. Enjoy!!

Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Lori-Just came across your blog. Love the machine. I to purchased a sewing machine in an old oak cabinet. I bought it because the front of the cabinet was beautiful. My family laughted because I didn't even sew when I purchased it. I will someday open it up an learn how to sew on my pretty girl too. LOL

catz said...

I learned to sew on my Grannies old treadle. I remember getting in trouble when I was real small for crawling under it and usung the treadle to sit on and rock! Glad you found it you will love it.

Lori said...

Love your new "girl" Lori! I do my folk art and quilts on a 1951 Singer featherweight. It only has straight stitch but that's all I need.

Lori R

Petra said...

What a beauty! That is a true treasure and Pfaff is an incredibly sturdy brand.
Congrats & enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I inherited my grandmother's, which she was given as a present in 1912, when she earned her finishing degree in elementary school. I have never dared use it, but I feel very much tempted after reading your article. The brand is "Mireille", a girl's name, so I suppose I should say "she" instead of "it".

QuilterBee said...

Lori, I have 36 machines, about 12 or 13 treadles! I service, restore and rebuild sewing machines, mostly treadles. I can help you get the tension right. Amie, in the PSS group and FB.

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